History of the Stolen Lands

10 years ago the royal family disappeared. An unnatural occurrence as every member of the linage went missing on the same night exactly 300 years after Choral the Conqueror first joined the 2 nations of Issia and Rostland to form the country now known as Brevoy.

Now 10 years later, the Great House Surtova sits the Dragonscale Throne but the political manoeuvrings of the 6 remaining noble houses and the many minor houses is increasing the likelihood of civil war.

The city state of Restov has decided that they are in a precarious political situation and look to take control of the Stolen Lands in the River Kingdoms. The council of Sword Lords have created 4 charters and have sent groups of talented people to explore and map the 4 regions.

One such group (our party) have been sent to the Greenbelt. It is probably the least troublesome of the regions to explore. Their task; to map the lands south of Oleg’s Trading Post and deal with the bandit menace that populates it.

History of the Stolen Lands

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