Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

The caves of death...

From Rathmunds perspective...

We decide to stay in our ambush position and wait for more fodder to arrive. During the late evening a flashing light is spotted in the distance and it looks like it is heading south about a mile or so from our camp.
Maugoth, Adroolin and Rathmund decide to head out to cut it off, and leave the others to man the ambush site. After getting in front of it we arrive at a dip in the ground and wait for the light carrier to arrive. Whilst waiting, we notice what looks like a hole in the ground running into the hillside. As we wait, Maugoth says he just noticed the light enter the hole, but we didn’t see anything else and the light is nowhere else to be seen. We decide to explore the cave. Maugoth throws a large boulder in and after it clatters around for a bit, nothing else happens. He then moves to go in, but I have to light a torch as I’m not keen on dark places.
After a bit of exploring, we find what looks like a dusty sarcophagus with an axe on top, and a pained box. Maugoth picks up axe – looks nice and shiny, then when examines it more, a face appears in the axe head so he drops the axe. A whispy blue warrior emerges from it so we all try to attack it. After being hit it backs away and a couple of skeletons appear in the room next to us. I like take a running head butt at one of them and pin it against a wall. Adroolin does some crazy hand and leg movements against the other one, (I think he calls it martial arts but I’m not too sure), but only manages to slap it around the face a bit without damaging it. Maugoth wanders over and smashes it to dust, then walks over to mine and does the same, just as I was about to finish it.
We then make our way down the corridor to chase after the floaty blue warrior. Unfortunately we miss the traps and I’m skewered in the middle of the corridor between 2 spears (ouch!). Adroolin helps extract me and bandages up my wounds, but does a lousy job, though it’s better than nothing. We decide to cut and run and Maugoth covers the spear holes with his shield as we back out. There’s a loud clang as one of the spears dents his shield and the other just misses from the other side.
As we turn the corner, floating in front of us is a blue ball of light with a skeleton face floating in front of us!


Wyse scubabeer

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