Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Storming the Staglord fort

Ulaf's charge

Bob and Kern volunteered to sneak into the fort and cause mayehm then open the gate to allow the other to storm the fort from the front.
Adroolin’s night vision is rubbish, not being able to count the guards in the towers, never going to listen to him, aboviusly needs his eyes testing.
Bob and Kern were rubbish at being quiet and were noticed by Falgrim Sneeg who shot at them both.
Bob’s prowess against the Stag Lord was top-draw. He didn’t back down and was determined from the outset. Attacked by Jack the Snitch who tried to stamp on his foot.
Bob was felled and suffered a hideous injury to his face which left him uglier than a orc.

Kern unbarred the gate.
Ulaf then charged through and took out Cragger Kench and Ayles Megeson with a swift sword into the guts of Cragger and kills Ayles instantly with his dagger of death. Falgrim Sneeg tried to take a cheap shot at Ulaf, but failed with a weak blow, which Ulaf noted and will take care of in his next action. Ulaf then hits Falgrim with his sword and dagger and causes him to fear the tall warrior.
Then a great bear of a man taller than the mighty Maugoth and Ulaf can wading in with his warhammer. Kern managed to distract him by throwing sand in his face, letting Rathmund in to swing his axe. Ulaf then cleaves this man called Auchs to the ground with a single swing of his axe. Enough said by the executioner….
Kern slips behind the fray and caresses his dagger into Falgrim’s groin killing him outright.
Maugoth went to attack the StagLord. The StagLord failed to hit Maugoth with his sword and Maugoth used his strength to push him to the ground. The Staglord then vanished in mid fight – the coward leaving Maugoth being shocked by a wisp.
The fight continues in the next update.


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