Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Staggering, then Killing the StagLord

Don't upset Maugoth.

It had been difficult getting into the Staglords Fort but we had managed it, and now we were at the point of no-return. Knee deep in blood and still the Staglord unaccounted for.

Maugoth and I were looking for the Staglord but it seems a large creature – something with the body of a bear and head of an owl was caged and was trying to break out of its cage. Maugoth told me this creature was called the BearOwl – a fitting name for something such as it.

The fighting continued as Maugoth and I readied ourselves to move but Maugoth soon discovered a bandit waiting. The bandit was foolish thinking he could attack and hurt Maugoth and his death showed how wrong he was.

This delayed our search for the Staglord and the BearOwl broke free and ran to attack us.

Meanwhile Akiros (our new ally?) quickly dealt with the Archer that had caused them such grief in the few minutes before. This allow Ulaf to move through the room and he soon noticed the Staglord and a few of his bandits. Ulaf was brave and decided to run and attack the Staglord. He was successful to a degree but the Staglord possessed something that allowed him to ignore the carnage that Ulafs’ Dagger normally creates when it meets flesh…. the Staglord was quick and managed to knock-out Ulaf and move past him towards possible escape.

I managed to stun the BearOwl with a nice maneuver which allowed Maugoth to move freely and intercept the Staglord It was a fight that was bitter but short. The rage within Maugoth was focused and ended up killing the Staglord. The same man who had dealt with Ulaf and was possibly the person who had bested Bob…I then moved into the room (away from the BearOwl) and engaged the only Bandit that I could see, a caster of miracles like myself it appeared from his words and gestures. He was tough.

The BearOwl looked to escape the fort and started to run towards the open gates it could see. Sadly for Kern the BearOwl didn’t care that the Gnome was in the way, and pushed him aside – which didn’t go so well for Kern. Trying to escape the push, he moved awkwardly and caught his feet in some rope, at which point the BearOwl pushed and it flipped Kern headfirst into a barrel!, which he escaped only to climb back in to remain hidden from the BearOwl!.

On with the fighting. It took the rest of us a little while to whittle down the miracle Caster who tried to escape. Doc finally stepped in and caused the final wound (after Rathmund and I had bloodied him).

I wanted to question Akiros so I entered the room where he was, only to find him defending himself against Maugoth. I could see the look in Maugoths eyes, that look that means Akiros was going to die. I called out to Maugoth to stop it, it was obvious that Akiros was helping us, he even put Ulaf into a safe position, that’s not something our enemy, or secret enemy would do. In the end Maugoth challenged Akiros to put down his sword. Akiros did and his life was spared.

Maugoth left us and started to look for the Bandit that quietly slipped away. Sadly he came upon the corpse of Bob. Bob, the unlucky idiot who thought he could do anything… his neck pierced, pierced by a rapier, murdered by the Bandit. We shall have our Justice. Bob was not one of us, he was not of sound mind, nor of smarts but he shouldn’t have died that way.

Kern returned, seems he hid in a barrel of oil. It was quite a sight, a shock of red hair showing through the thick oil. He should not move near any of the torches… he moved straight to the Staglords body and started to search it. The Staglord had his nice bow and sword but little else (he was un-armoured).

I now questioned Akiros (after picking up his very fine Sword), asked him where the items that the Staglord stole were. We were informed that there was a cellar beneath us and that Rathmund was standing on the trapdoor. I called back Maugoth and we prepared ourselves to go into the Cellar, where we should find an old decrepid man that’s ‘not natural’ and possibly a girl that was taken down there a few days past…..


Wyse MadBeardMan

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