Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Ohhh everything takes too much time

We got Bokken back to the trade post, he needed to sleep ,so i it im. Got a pointing crossbow of death. Then we went back to the first bandit camp, only 1 person been there, we then went across the ford, saw some bad guys on horse, everybody talked and talked for ages, then we went a did the ambush like i said. . I put traps everywhere. they didn’t show up. We waited till some came, we shot a few (cunts. is it only me gone deaf?) and then i fell down a hole that was not there before. every body killed them so did I . Ulaf went and a got a orse from the bandit that ran of and he made the other one run a diffrent way although ’e couldnt catch it. I like the doc, he stood over me and took the leg off a bandit.


Wyse Maugoth

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