Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Death all around us

Bob returns! This time he's really helping the group he's with!

We had thought we had done enough to be happy that we’re still all alive, except poor Bob the fool.

Doc and I couldn’t see eye to eye on how to quickly heal up the injured party and we spent a good 20 minutes discussing this. Doc is as stubborn as I, so I had to get air and joined Maugoth who was in the room where Ulaf had killed a few and we put down that caster just 30 minutes before.

All the bodies were gone, it was most strange. I could have sworn that there was a body in the room where it was felled, but there was nothing. Where the others had killed them there was simply a blood pool. A quick viewing of the blood made it appear as if it was ‘sinking’ into the ground. This worried me. Maugoth returned to the body of the Staglord and cut off his head, freeing up the helmet.

Maugoth was odd at that moment and asked for the Staglords Bow that I had taken. With the bow and a few arrows he managed to hit exactly what he was aiming it. He wouldn’t say why he wanted to test the bow, but he did as was true in aim.

The earthquakes continued but the time between then was starting to rapidly dimish. It was at this time I joined Maugoth and we went into the NE tower. After viewing the surroundings for a few seconds Maugoth spotted (closely folllowed by myself) something horrific and almost unbelievable… it was a large creature made up of corpses!

I quickly came to the conclusion that the thing we were looking at was drawing the ‘zombies’ from the ground and that the man below was responsible. I told Maugoth of this and true to character he acted.

We returned to the others and noticed Doc had just about finished healing up. He hadn’t managed to heal all the wounds – but then again he did ignore my advice about how best to heal….

Maugoth had earlier found the key that was required for the trap-door and opened it up. He went down without a torch or any other light and down into the cellar. At this time additional lighting was gathered and we all entered.

We could hear Maugoth shouting for us, but he was a bit brash and should have waited. When I got down there he was fighting what appeared to be humanoids made from stone. They had ruby red eyes that glowed in the faint light from the torch.

I had heard of elementals but never actually seen one, strange things but they were slow to act but the weight behind their punches managed to put a large dent into Maugoths shield!

Fighting took place as the others joined Maugoth. Ulaf passed a torch to me as I was standing next to Kern. Lucky for me I was paying attention as the ‘pass’ was more of a throw and poor Kern was still covered in oil!

Maugoth fought his way through the Elemental only to be attacked by another. At this time we heard a man cackle about telling something to ‘get in a box’ or something similar. This appeared to have enraged Maugouth. Then something happend to the group of them, the ground shook even more and then erupted under their feet. Most of the group appeared to be ok except for Rathmund. His weak constitution isn’t helping him very much.

I have no idea where that ‘quake’ came from. I suspect it’s a Miracle being cast, one that I’ve myself wanted to learn. Seeing how damaging it was, maybe I should look to learn it sooner. I do have it in one of my prayer books – one that’s back at Olegs.

Maugoth moved in further. He ignored an attack by an Elemental and stormed off. Quite how he could see in the darkness is still unknown but I heard him charge off and shout ’I’m going to twat you!’ (or something of a similar vein).

What appeared to be a few seconds later an old man appeared in the room to my right. I nudged Rathmund as to his appearance and then went to intercept and attack him. Due to me passing the torch to Rathmund I didn’t noticed the lose stones on the floor… as I ran I slipped and ended up face in the floor right in front of him.

Rathmund tried to come to my aid but he didn’t succeed and I was wounded by an elemental that appeared from the ground (could this old man summon them by will?). In the next few seconds the others joined us but all of our attacks were in vane. It was at this time that Rathmund was struck by the elemental and dropped to the floor, his body broken and the look of death upon his eyes…..

The old man evaded all of our attacks and simply vanished only to appear out of the room and near to the stairs! He shouted “I am free!” but was then struck down by Akiross (the Bandit who had a change of heart).

The shakes continued and were getting so frequent we decided to try and leave. I took a few seconds to stabilise Rathmund and we carried him out.

Back outside we noticed the ‘beast of bodies’ was now so large (around 25 feet tall) that we could see it above the gates. It noticed us and then tried to bash the gates down. Some quick acting from Ulaf and Maugoth saw the gate erupt into flame! This forced that create back. He was huge. Ulaf, Maugoth and I fired arrows into it, but to no effect. The fire though did that trick and it moved further away. Ulaf went to fetch some ‘oil covered flame arrows’ and by the time he returned the creature had backed away and appeared to be ‘shrinking’. We looked and I thought I saw the bodies ‘climbing’ out of it, and burying themselves into the ground. What ungodly magic was this?

We watched and waited. The shakes stopped and the creature soon was no more. I need to look up this creature and see what magic created it.

I am glad the old man was dead as I think he was responsible for this. I want to test the zombies (see if they’re still alive – as such) when we leave. We will be leaving soon but Kern and the others have started to gather items and loot. Akiross is not to be found. I don’t mind him escaping – he aided us and deserves a second change.

We left the fort when the fires had burned all of the gate (and now into the walls). Hopefully the winds will not blow the fire out – let the fort burn…..


Wyse MadBeardMan

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