Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker


Kern gets nasty

Whilst exiting the caves a blue wisp appears blocking the doorway, Maugoth heads forward and slays the blue orb with two strong swipes of his axe, whilst Adroolin and Rathmund cower at the back and hear voices speaking in the darkness.

At the camp, the sun sets and the group settle down for the night, taking turns to make watch and ignoring Kerns unusually unsettled sleep until finally Ulaf has had enough and wakes him with kick. Then without warning we are ambushed by 6 bandits, the first strikes a terrible blow to the defenceless gnome, who throws his bedding into the air and rolls away from the ambush. The others wake up and move in brutally taking the invaders down, leaving two prisoners.

Doc attends to some of Kerns wounds (one actually, one of three terrible wounds)

After Kern has rifled through pockets (finding some silver and daggers), Doc sees to interrogating the two prisoners, branding their hands with his hot sword blade. the speak quickly telling us there are 13 Bandits in the camp, The Stag Lord is a brute, punishing failure with death. There is a 5GP reward for locating the Silver Axes Kern has possession of, the fort was once home to a deathly cult, the ground around it is cursed.

A vote is taken and the decision is made to hang the bandits, but on Adroolin’s insistance, they must be buried.

Reluctantly Adroolin heals Kerns wounds with prayer and the group set of Maugoth West and set up camp, to rest away from the road. At dusk we head Maugoth South to the river, set up camp again whilst Rathmund and Kern head toward The Stag Lords Fort. From this side the climb is rocky, but loose. Kern makes it to the top of the 160+ foot climb and checks out the fort wall, which seems sturdy and in good repair, 3 towers can be seen looming over the 15 foot high wooden wall.

Running down the softer ground, Kern is able to swiftly avoid more grasping hands, ducking and weaving to finally arrive back to Rathmund, the two return to camp and report their findings.


Wyse GregoryBird

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