There are 2 types of half-folk in Golarian, Halflings and Gnomes

Below are the racial stats for each race


These are closer to the rules in the SW rulebook but I have added the slow hinderance due to their short stature. To offset this I have given them d6 starting skill in Stealth as they have a natural ability to be over looked.

Fortitude +1 bennie per session
Spirited. d6 in spirit
Overlooked. d6 Stealth

Short. -1 to toughness
Slow Pace 4" +d4" running


Due to originally being from the First World, I have given them abilities that represent their Fey ancestry and natural inquisitive nature.

Curiosity. d6 Smarts – Gnomes are naturally curious about all aspects of the world around them and have an aptitude for learning and repair
Arcane Resistance. -2 to suffer/benefit from effects from spells (adds 2 to Toughness vs magical attacks, +2 to saving throws vs magic)
Low light vision. Half penalty to lighting effects
Observant. d4 Notice skill.

Short. -1 to toughness
Slow Pace 4" +d4" runninghanges to Half-Folk races


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