Tag: NPC


  • Lord Wilheim Astrov

    Lord Astrov is a verteran campainger from the desserts of Garundi. He returned to Restov to finally win his rightful place amongst the Swordlords. An able military tactician, Astrov has also proven himself politically capable in the 'hotbed' of Brevoyan …

  • Jan

    Jan is a wagon driver/merchant retainer of Lord Astrov and he has been doing a steady run between Restov and Oleg's Trading Post since it was setup a year ago. He is currently tasked with shipping the group to Oleg's so they can embark on their charter.

  • Joonas Hirvonen

    Joonas is believed to be a retainer of house Turov and has some interest in Nephilles business. He has shown displeasure that he did not recieve the Greenbelt charter and has vowed to claim it for himself.