Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Soap at Olegs

Upon returning to Olegs and hoping to relax for a few days our heroes discover some fuckwit has arrived and upset everyone. Claiming to have orders from Lord Astroth he has claimed Oleg’s and the surrounding land for himself. He has halted trade, claiming Oleg is harbouring criminals, obviously Oleg and his lovely wife, Svetlana, are upset, there very livelihoods at risk. The militia are bound by this mans apparent legal right to take over the fort, no one is happy, Maugoth wants to hurt him, Kern would gladly hurl an axe at his head.

Yet to confront this arsehole, the group are resolute to defend Oleg and his honour and to clear this mess up, The Green Belt Marshals are the law in these lands, it is not for this man or Lord Astroth to change the agreement we made in good honour.

In other news Bokan is still nuts.

Eggs for breakfast anyone?

It was soon to be discovered as to why my bow was ‘wet’ and how it would then be seen to be ‘broken’. Perplexed I was until we discovered later that some kind of Farie folk was behind it all.

Calamity was to be found at the camp during this discovery…. I’ll keep this brief to spare blushes, but a certain group member became the victim of a rather vicious egging and spearing by a tiny dart. He was lucky Irori’s magic was to hand to help heal the wounds.

It wasn’t too soon we discovered who was behind this as I myself heard quiet voices giggling. We called out and ‘spoke’ to the Faerie folk to which they fled leaving us to a quiet night.

During the next day we completed surveying the area we were in and spent a night outside the forest (on the edge). It wasn’t long though before we proceeded back in.

It was soon to be discovered that we had not moved free from the area of bear traps, but luckily for us the gods shined and we found them with our eyes and not with our legs.

We later in the day came upon a small camp. The camp was for a single person whom we found dead, killed it would appear by his own trap he had set.

Was this the hunter who had been setting all these bear traps? It wouldn’t appear to be so, as the amount of traps would cost a fair fortune and this hunter didn’t appear to be that rich judging from his attire and lack of companion (some kind of servant I would guess).

Something wasn’t right, and we soon thought something wasn’t right at all, was this more Faerie folk tricking us?

An Arrow in Time?

We spoke at Oleg’s deciding what to do next.

It too longer than I expected as there were many opinions. After these discussions it was decided that we’d re-enter the forest and try and locate the ‘temple’, after all it would appear that there’s more to this temple than just religious bric-a-brac. I myself am hoping it’s a great find that will benefit not just us but this region.

Maugoth took to organising the route we would take. He very simply (but accurately I should add) numbered regions of the lands and forest to the west and we followed that.

We hadn’t been travelling for too long before we passed into the first region. A summary pass through was planned, however when we camped for some lunch I asked Kern and Mikhail to explore the locale around our camp for signs of passing wildlife, caravans and their ilk.

What Kern found was a little disturbing as he discovered signs of creatures that used their hind legs heavier but ran on all four. He then joked of ‘werewolves’ which I believe is something written in folklore but he was adamant.

We moved on and as night feel we decided to move into the edge of the forest. At this time we lit a small campfire and proceeded to settle down for the night.

What came next was eventful.

During the night our camp was attacked by six of the creatures that Kern located tracks of previously. It was one of the times where I was glad that Maugoth was one of our group. For with his help we quickly killed off these creatures. It was hard to sleep after that but I managed a few hours of quiet prayer.

The next day we moved off in search of the temple. Our day moved along peacefully with no signs of being following by any of those creatures and lunchtime quickly came upon us. We decided that we’d have a fire for lunch (and thus hot food). I was left cooking the food and Kern and Mikhail proceeded to scout around the camp looking for other signs.

The next thing I heard was Kern screaming as if impaled by one of those creatures. I quickly made safe the stew and drew my bow.

Maugoth soon returned with the others. Kern had been heavily wounded by a bear-trap and Mikhail seemed to make matters worse healing him. I called upon Irori with a healing prayer and healed him of his wounds leaving only a scar to remind him.

We finished our lunch and then as I was packing away the others found and retrieved three of the bear-traps for our own use.

At camp that night we placed the bear-traps around the camp. No fire was lit so we ate cold but went to sleep with everything quiet until… five bear-traps seemed to go off, yes five of them, but how could that be? We only planted three? And why was my bow all wet?

Bath time 2

We force marched back to Olegs. Upon arrival Maugoth managed to frighten a number of merchants outside of the trading post. Adrolin calmed them down. Upon entering the camp we washed up and ate. Maugoth realised one of the men in the trading post was involved in a ambush that happened earlier in the month. He was about to drown him in his bath water when some blind bint came out and started telling him off. ( Adrolin also calmed Maugoth down. ) Feeling a bit miffed at no killing he told the woman he would do something unnatural to her, so she put him to sleep using witchcraft. She then rambled on to Kern about some great evil hiding under the land near the fort of the bandits that would kill everyone in the world. Kern was basically cheeky so she got the hump and left. She also kept going on a bout there being 4 of us, although it was not the right four. Maugoth had a fab sleep woke up feeling fine. The rest of the party was tired and ached. Mikheil spent some time being broody , kern got some armour, Maugoth got a BIg sheild and sulked a bit because he didnt have his breast plate yet. Adrolin prayed washed and cleaned his kit. ( written from Maugoths Point of view not mine ) :P

Bath time!

The group traveled North along the river in an attempt to get to the old bandit camp. The river blocked our path and no fording place was found. With food running low we decided to head back to the ford. Along the route we came across a old bridge spanning the river. Maugoth made his way across with a few creaks. Our attempt to cross with the horses failed, with Maugoth falling through into the river. A snake like creature attempted to attack Maugoth in the river , but was distracted by Kern and shot by Adrolin ( while Mikhail was catching Maugoths runaway horse).

We made it to the ford at dusk . While cooking our evening meal a Giant ( bigger than a horse) centipede ridden by a small blue creature blundered into the camp. Adroolins arrows bounced off the creature as did Maugoths axe and Mikhails sword. Kern managed to jump on its back and kill the blue creature. He also grabbed the reigns and caused it to flee. Not before it killed Maugoths Horse.

Hands, Spiders and rare fruit

After making camp to watch what we presumed was the location of the Stag Lord we didn’t have long to wait.

Upon the next day Maugoth and I left our camp and took position on a nearby ridge watching the outpost.

Soon after a group of 5 riders left. All mounted on horse and wearing dark clothing. Their size suggested humans and from their shapes we presumed aimed with bows.

They didn’t come any closer than around a mile from our position so they weren’t aware of us. We continued to watch them travel off in an Easterly direction at a walking speed.

Later this day we decided that Kern should use his skills of sabotage and subterfuge to gather more information on the outpost. He checked his equipment and we watched him travel off, and soon out of our sights.

Not long after we all heard the cries from Kern and he soon made his way back to us telling us tales of hands and arms coming out of the earthworks around the outpost. He also informed us that he thinks he was spotted so it was time to break camp. A decision to head back to the Bandit Camp within the woods was made.

The travel was at a good pace and without incident until I spotted a bush that contained very rare fruit used in healing. A word with Mikhail and we stopped as a group to investigate.

It didn’t take Maugoth long to get bored of waiting and he crashed into the undergrowth and found out that it was being guarded, guarded by tiny spiders but many thousands of them. Maugoth came running out shouting ‘Get them offs me!’ at which point I suggested he jump into a large puddle of water to try and remove them. He did and it worked. Maugoth was not very keen when Kern threw to him what appeared to be a bar of cleansing soap. It quickly made its way back to Kern.

So the decision is to be made, do we try and get hold of some of this precious fruit…

Digging for clues and chasing ugly things

Mikhail suggested we dig into the roots of the dead clawed tree and the group discovered some coin and an ornate dagger with symbols of Erastil the Hunter God. Adroolin says this is connected with The StagLord. Upon searching nearby ground we discover what may be a grave, but we leave it undisturbed.

Moving on Adroolin notices 6 small figures ahead moving west. Maugoth and Kern approach them on foot but they run away, so the group chase them through the dark which then becomes a fight.

Maugoth, unnaturally restrained, grapples one of these ugly creatures and holds him up in the air but is harmlessly attacked by the other 5. One by one he starts bludgeoning them to a pulpy mess as the others join the fray.

Wounds are healed and Kern loots the poor dead ugly things.

1st report, worms and skeleton hands?

After mapping 6 areas , we moved back to Olegs. Here we met Jod, a fellow looking for a temple in the woods. He wants us to find it and then take him to it. Also met a quite fellow (Mikhail) who has been sent to join us. He’s looking for something but we don’t know what. After a few days rest and resupply we moved back to the Spider cave and checked it out, other than a Worm(giant) it was empty. Moving on we made our way over undulating hills and dips. A giant skeleton had stands on a hill. Moving to investigate we are again attacked by a giant worm. It’s now dead and we are about to have a proper look around.

Smash and Grab!

Once again we tried diplomacy. It failed, we did try and talk but the bandits were having none of it. So once again Maugoth smashed. 7 bandits including two leaders fell before my axe. We have taken the leader prisoner (why??) But I must learn from the humans. They take prisoners only to kill them later? Why not kill them there and then, with a weapon in your hand and a chance. Better than at the end of a rope. They are confusing. Nephile has fallen , his sorcery has caught him , even Adrolins healing cannot help him. I will leave his fate to them, such things are beyond me. The bandit leader is our prisoner and I will try and help my fellows with her treatment. It feels odd not to take her scalp and move on. Well now we are back at the trading post it’s time to drink , celebrate eat and sing! With the silver I have left and some of what we now have I will have a breast plate of steel and kite shield from the town. We can explore further and find out more of this stag lord, then try the diplomacy and finally i will take his head too.

It wasn't me

Although deceptive and dishonest in nature he has not been so with his most recent friends, deeply worried about being blamed for stealing the money he keeps quite about its loss.
He will defend himself vigorously if it comes to accusations, he shall not be blamed for something he did not do.

He will most definitely enjoy the company of the soldiers, he certainly does not mind being the butt of jokes in the night, happily playing the fool whilst the meed flows. But in the dark of night he sneaks off to speak to Kressle, perhaps slipping her a cup of ale and a few slices of food. Speaking as thieves, perhaps sharing a few stories, he will attempt to assure her he can have a more merciful hearing carried out for her, but she must tell us everything. Kern will attempt to plant the idea that the powerful men in the nation are going to be claiming all the wild lands, taming them at no cost. Better to be part of that machine than to be crushed by it.


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