Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Death all around us
Bob returns! This time he's really helping the group he's with!

We had thought we had done enough to be happy that we’re still all alive, except poor Bob the fool.

Doc and I couldn’t see eye to eye on how to quickly heal up the injured party and we spent a good 20 minutes discussing this. Doc is as stubborn as I, so I had to get air and joined Maugoth who was in the room where Ulaf had killed a few and we put down that caster just 30 minutes before.

All the bodies were gone, it was most strange. I could have sworn that there was a body in the room where it was felled, but there was nothing. Where the others had killed them there was simply a blood pool. A quick viewing of the blood made it appear as if it was ‘sinking’ into the ground. This worried me. Maugoth returned to the body of the Staglord and cut off his head, freeing up the helmet.

Maugoth was odd at that moment and asked for the Staglords Bow that I had taken. With the bow and a few arrows he managed to hit exactly what he was aiming it. He wouldn’t say why he wanted to test the bow, but he did as was true in aim.

The earthquakes continued but the time between then was starting to rapidly dimish. It was at this time I joined Maugoth and we went into the NE tower. After viewing the surroundings for a few seconds Maugoth spotted (closely folllowed by myself) something horrific and almost unbelievable… it was a large creature made up of corpses!

I quickly came to the conclusion that the thing we were looking at was drawing the ‘zombies’ from the ground and that the man below was responsible. I told Maugoth of this and true to character he acted.

We returned to the others and noticed Doc had just about finished healing up. He hadn’t managed to heal all the wounds – but then again he did ignore my advice about how best to heal….

Maugoth had earlier found the key that was required for the trap-door and opened it up. He went down without a torch or any other light and down into the cellar. At this time additional lighting was gathered and we all entered.

We could hear Maugoth shouting for us, but he was a bit brash and should have waited. When I got down there he was fighting what appeared to be humanoids made from stone. They had ruby red eyes that glowed in the faint light from the torch.

I had heard of elementals but never actually seen one, strange things but they were slow to act but the weight behind their punches managed to put a large dent into Maugoths shield!

Fighting took place as the others joined Maugoth. Ulaf passed a torch to me as I was standing next to Kern. Lucky for me I was paying attention as the ‘pass’ was more of a throw and poor Kern was still covered in oil!

Maugoth fought his way through the Elemental only to be attacked by another. At this time we heard a man cackle about telling something to ‘get in a box’ or something similar. This appeared to have enraged Maugouth. Then something happend to the group of them, the ground shook even more and then erupted under their feet. Most of the group appeared to be ok except for Rathmund. His weak constitution isn’t helping him very much.

I have no idea where that ‘quake’ came from. I suspect it’s a Miracle being cast, one that I’ve myself wanted to learn. Seeing how damaging it was, maybe I should look to learn it sooner. I do have it in one of my prayer books – one that’s back at Olegs.

Maugoth moved in further. He ignored an attack by an Elemental and stormed off. Quite how he could see in the darkness is still unknown but I heard him charge off and shout ’I’m going to twat you!’ (or something of a similar vein).

What appeared to be a few seconds later an old man appeared in the room to my right. I nudged Rathmund as to his appearance and then went to intercept and attack him. Due to me passing the torch to Rathmund I didn’t noticed the lose stones on the floor… as I ran I slipped and ended up face in the floor right in front of him.

Rathmund tried to come to my aid but he didn’t succeed and I was wounded by an elemental that appeared from the ground (could this old man summon them by will?). In the next few seconds the others joined us but all of our attacks were in vane. It was at this time that Rathmund was struck by the elemental and dropped to the floor, his body broken and the look of death upon his eyes…..

The old man evaded all of our attacks and simply vanished only to appear out of the room and near to the stairs! He shouted “I am free!” but was then struck down by Akiross (the Bandit who had a change of heart).

The shakes continued and were getting so frequent we decided to try and leave. I took a few seconds to stabilise Rathmund and we carried him out.

Back outside we noticed the ‘beast of bodies’ was now so large (around 25 feet tall) that we could see it above the gates. It noticed us and then tried to bash the gates down. Some quick acting from Ulaf and Maugoth saw the gate erupt into flame! This forced that create back. He was huge. Ulaf, Maugoth and I fired arrows into it, but to no effect. The fire though did that trick and it moved further away. Ulaf went to fetch some ‘oil covered flame arrows’ and by the time he returned the creature had backed away and appeared to be ‘shrinking’. We looked and I thought I saw the bodies ‘climbing’ out of it, and burying themselves into the ground. What ungodly magic was this?

We watched and waited. The shakes stopped and the creature soon was no more. I need to look up this creature and see what magic created it.

I am glad the old man was dead as I think he was responsible for this. I want to test the zombies (see if they’re still alive – as such) when we leave. We will be leaving soon but Kern and the others have started to gather items and loot. Akiross is not to be found. I don’t mind him escaping – he aided us and deserves a second change.

We left the fort when the fires had burned all of the gate (and now into the walls). Hopefully the winds will not blow the fire out – let the fort burn…..

Staggering, then Killing the StagLord
Don't upset Maugoth.

It had been difficult getting into the Staglords Fort but we had managed it, and now we were at the point of no-return. Knee deep in blood and still the Staglord unaccounted for.

Maugoth and I were looking for the Staglord but it seems a large creature – something with the body of a bear and head of an owl was caged and was trying to break out of its cage. Maugoth told me this creature was called the BearOwl – a fitting name for something such as it.

The fighting continued as Maugoth and I readied ourselves to move but Maugoth soon discovered a bandit waiting. The bandit was foolish thinking he could attack and hurt Maugoth and his death showed how wrong he was.

This delayed our search for the Staglord and the BearOwl broke free and ran to attack us.

Meanwhile Akiros (our new ally?) quickly dealt with the Archer that had caused them such grief in the few minutes before. This allow Ulaf to move through the room and he soon noticed the Staglord and a few of his bandits. Ulaf was brave and decided to run and attack the Staglord. He was successful to a degree but the Staglord possessed something that allowed him to ignore the carnage that Ulafs’ Dagger normally creates when it meets flesh…. the Staglord was quick and managed to knock-out Ulaf and move past him towards possible escape.

I managed to stun the BearOwl with a nice maneuver which allowed Maugoth to move freely and intercept the Staglord It was a fight that was bitter but short. The rage within Maugoth was focused and ended up killing the Staglord. The same man who had dealt with Ulaf and was possibly the person who had bested Bob…I then moved into the room (away from the BearOwl) and engaged the only Bandit that I could see, a caster of miracles like myself it appeared from his words and gestures. He was tough.

The BearOwl looked to escape the fort and started to run towards the open gates it could see. Sadly for Kern the BearOwl didn’t care that the Gnome was in the way, and pushed him aside – which didn’t go so well for Kern. Trying to escape the push, he moved awkwardly and caught his feet in some rope, at which point the BearOwl pushed and it flipped Kern headfirst into a barrel!, which he escaped only to climb back in to remain hidden from the BearOwl!.

On with the fighting. It took the rest of us a little while to whittle down the miracle Caster who tried to escape. Doc finally stepped in and caused the final wound (after Rathmund and I had bloodied him).

I wanted to question Akiros so I entered the room where he was, only to find him defending himself against Maugoth. I could see the look in Maugoths eyes, that look that means Akiros was going to die. I called out to Maugoth to stop it, it was obvious that Akiros was helping us, he even put Ulaf into a safe position, that’s not something our enemy, or secret enemy would do. In the end Maugoth challenged Akiros to put down his sword. Akiros did and his life was spared.

Maugoth left us and started to look for the Bandit that quietly slipped away. Sadly he came upon the corpse of Bob. Bob, the unlucky idiot who thought he could do anything… his neck pierced, pierced by a rapier, murdered by the Bandit. We shall have our Justice. Bob was not one of us, he was not of sound mind, nor of smarts but he shouldn’t have died that way.

Kern returned, seems he hid in a barrel of oil. It was quite a sight, a shock of red hair showing through the thick oil. He should not move near any of the torches… he moved straight to the Staglords body and started to search it. The Staglord had his nice bow and sword but little else (he was un-armoured).

I now questioned Akiros (after picking up his very fine Sword), asked him where the items that the Staglord stole were. We were informed that there was a cellar beneath us and that Rathmund was standing on the trapdoor. I called back Maugoth and we prepared ourselves to go into the Cellar, where we should find an old decrepid man that’s ‘not natural’ and possibly a girl that was taken down there a few days past…..

Storming the Staglord fort
Ulaf's charge

Bob and Kern volunteered to sneak into the fort and cause mayehm then open the gate to allow the other to storm the fort from the front.
Adroolin’s night vision is rubbish, not being able to count the guards in the towers, never going to listen to him, aboviusly needs his eyes testing.
Bob and Kern were rubbish at being quiet and were noticed by Falgrim Sneeg who shot at them both.
Bob’s prowess against the Stag Lord was top-draw. He didn’t back down and was determined from the outset. Attacked by Jack the Snitch who tried to stamp on his foot.
Bob was felled and suffered a hideous injury to his face which left him uglier than a orc.

Kern unbarred the gate.
Ulaf then charged through and took out Cragger Kench and Ayles Megeson with a swift sword into the guts of Cragger and kills Ayles instantly with his dagger of death. Falgrim Sneeg tried to take a cheap shot at Ulaf, but failed with a weak blow, which Ulaf noted and will take care of in his next action. Ulaf then hits Falgrim with his sword and dagger and causes him to fear the tall warrior.
Then a great bear of a man taller than the mighty Maugoth and Ulaf can wading in with his warhammer. Kern managed to distract him by throwing sand in his face, letting Rathmund in to swing his axe. Ulaf then cleaves this man called Auchs to the ground with a single swing of his axe. Enough said by the executioner….
Kern slips behind the fray and caresses his dagger into Falgrim’s groin killing him outright.
Maugoth went to attack the StagLord. The StagLord failed to hit Maugoth with his sword and Maugoth used his strength to push him to the ground. The Staglord then vanished in mid fight – the coward leaving Maugoth being shocked by a wisp.
The fight continues in the next update.

Kern gets nasty

Whilst exiting the caves a blue wisp appears blocking the doorway, Maugoth heads forward and slays the blue orb with two strong swipes of his axe, whilst Adroolin and Rathmund cower at the back and hear voices speaking in the darkness.

At the camp, the sun sets and the group settle down for the night, taking turns to make watch and ignoring Kerns unusually unsettled sleep until finally Ulaf has had enough and wakes him with kick. Then without warning we are ambushed by 6 bandits, the first strikes a terrible blow to the defenceless gnome, who throws his bedding into the air and rolls away from the ambush. The others wake up and move in brutally taking the invaders down, leaving two prisoners.

Doc attends to some of Kerns wounds (one actually, one of three terrible wounds)

After Kern has rifled through pockets (finding some silver and daggers), Doc sees to interrogating the two prisoners, branding their hands with his hot sword blade. the speak quickly telling us there are 13 Bandits in the camp, The Stag Lord is a brute, punishing failure with death. There is a 5GP reward for locating the Silver Axes Kern has possession of, the fort was once home to a deathly cult, the ground around it is cursed.

A vote is taken and the decision is made to hang the bandits, but on Adroolin’s insistance, they must be buried.

Reluctantly Adroolin heals Kerns wounds with prayer and the group set of Maugoth West and set up camp, to rest away from the road. At dusk we head Maugoth South to the river, set up camp again whilst Rathmund and Kern head toward The Stag Lords Fort. From this side the climb is rocky, but loose. Kern makes it to the top of the 160+ foot climb and checks out the fort wall, which seems sturdy and in good repair, 3 towers can be seen looming over the 15 foot high wooden wall.

Running down the softer ground, Kern is able to swiftly avoid more grasping hands, ducking and weaving to finally arrive back to Rathmund, the two return to camp and report their findings.

The caves of death...
From Rathmunds perspective...

We decide to stay in our ambush position and wait for more fodder to arrive. During the late evening a flashing light is spotted in the distance and it looks like it is heading south about a mile or so from our camp.
Maugoth, Adroolin and Rathmund decide to head out to cut it off, and leave the others to man the ambush site. After getting in front of it we arrive at a dip in the ground and wait for the light carrier to arrive. Whilst waiting, we notice what looks like a hole in the ground running into the hillside. As we wait, Maugoth says he just noticed the light enter the hole, but we didn’t see anything else and the light is nowhere else to be seen. We decide to explore the cave. Maugoth throws a large boulder in and after it clatters around for a bit, nothing else happens. He then moves to go in, but I have to light a torch as I’m not keen on dark places.
After a bit of exploring, we find what looks like a dusty sarcophagus with an axe on top, and a pained box. Maugoth picks up axe – looks nice and shiny, then when examines it more, a face appears in the axe head so he drops the axe. A whispy blue warrior emerges from it so we all try to attack it. After being hit it backs away and a couple of skeletons appear in the room next to us. I like take a running head butt at one of them and pin it against a wall. Adroolin does some crazy hand and leg movements against the other one, (I think he calls it martial arts but I’m not too sure), but only manages to slap it around the face a bit without damaging it. Maugoth wanders over and smashes it to dust, then walks over to mine and does the same, just as I was about to finish it.
We then make our way down the corridor to chase after the floaty blue warrior. Unfortunately we miss the traps and I’m skewered in the middle of the corridor between 2 spears (ouch!). Adroolin helps extract me and bandages up my wounds, but does a lousy job, though it’s better than nothing. We decide to cut and run and Maugoth covers the spear holes with his shield as we back out. There’s a loud clang as one of the spears dents his shield and the other just misses from the other side.
As we turn the corner, floating in front of us is a blue ball of light with a skeleton face floating in front of us!

Ohhh everything takes too much time

We got Bokken back to the trade post, he needed to sleep ,so i it im. Got a pointing crossbow of death. Then we went back to the first bandit camp, only 1 person been there, we then went across the ford, saw some bad guys on horse, everybody talked and talked for ages, then we went a did the ambush like i said. . I put traps everywhere. they didn’t show up. We waited till some came, we shot a few (cunts. is it only me gone deaf?) and then i fell down a hole that was not there before. every body killed them so did I . Ulaf went and a got a orse from the bandit that ran of and he made the other one run a diffrent way although ’e couldnt catch it. I like the doc, he stood over me and took the leg off a bandit.

Not so quiet on the South-Eastern (kind of) front....

We had completed the clearance of the temple. Maugoth decided to go and have a look around whilst I took care of Jod. A simple heal prayer seemed to bring the life back into Jod in which he then started to bring life back into Erastil’s Temple – as the new custodian.

Typical for Maug, he found trouble. Seems 3 more of those large snakes were lurking around and the rest of the group strode forward to deal with them. Sadly this made Maugoth think that ‘burning’ down the Forest was the obvious answer – common sense saw way finally as I persuaded him that it wasn’t such a good idea as we’d seen Erastil’s presence and maybe he might not want the ‘bad’ kind of presence to appear to him.

So we left back for Olegs and Rathmund left (with Maugs help….) signs back to the Temple as we travelled through the woods. It took us 3 days, but it was great to see the fort and then see the smiles of Oleg and the others.

I forgot that something happened….Maugoth had some fun with one of the signs, and the fun was had back. A sore head and sore nether-regions were humourous to more than just our party!

It seems as if a small village has built up outside the walls of the Fort. Upon speaking with Oleg it became apparent that a civil war was brewing amongst the Lords and these people wanted to escape the fighting. That is something I can empathise with.

We also learned that the Stag Lord was stepping up his attacks, and that the prisoner we had sent back to be tried had escaped…. I know that Maugoth looks forward to besting her again.

Plans were then made to take down the Stag Lord. Somehow it seems as if my plans were listened to. I am not a military leader and didn’t realise I could make such plans – but I did. We are to ambush any patrols/raiding parties the Stag Lord releases from his Fortress. This should whittle him down, hopefully that when we make ourselves known to him, he’ll send out another group to kill us. We shall defeat them and so hopefully he’ll be forced to come out and meet us, and we’ll be ready.

I have spoken to Vekken and he’s offered to help me train in the Bow. For that I am greatful and I hope he can teach me how to construct my own bow and arrows.

A trip then to Boken’s hut, see if the old insane man has any liquid or paste that we can put onto our arrow tips in order to make people sleep. At worst, I’d accept a poison as I’m sure the Stag Lord will be a nasty person and his death should make us all safer.

A quick ride out to Bokken’s was all we needed, that wasn’t so simple. We noticed that his small cottage was on fire and I spotted him being marched off in the distance.

Again another of my plans – we cut them off, well Rathmund and I and started to attack the 4 riders. My bow skill wasn’t so good, I think the riding (which was very good) has upset the balance that I require.

A quick spell and then the 4 riders started to die around me. Seems Ulfar has a perfect aim, seems as if the balance of life has bestowed that upon him in exchange for my ride skill.

That matters not, my prayers were answered and we’ve dispatched 4 of the Stag Lords forces and saved Bokken. I hope he understands what we’re up against, as I’d be interested to know why the Stag Lord wants him. Let’s hope he can make us our sleeping salva’s or worse, poisons….

The return of our glorious leader
Kern Returns

Twice the bear rose from death, the water seeming to have healing properties. Kern’s timely arrival bolstered the heroes determination and finally they where able to slay the beast, which then withered, first into the body of a man then dissolved into the water, which then became clean, the mold on the stone work fading away.

After a brief introduction to his new allies, Kern led the party into the temple true. Not all that glitters is gold, sometimes its just a brass helmet and sword stand and dusty old books.

We also discovered the missing priest, rambling on in his fever about a curse.

I hope Juniper will be alright.

Rathmund's Ramblings

At the end of the last battle, Doc like heals Ulaf who is looking a little worse for wear. After some memory searching, I recognise the creatures to be Tatzlwyrm. Luckily they didn’t have time to use their breath weapon! Maugoth seems to me to be quite a strange individual, and he starts chopping up the dead Tatzlwyrm for no apparent reason. For safety, watches are doubled.
In the morning, Maugoth thinks that burning down the whole forest would make finding the Temple a lot easier, but is dissuaded by Adroolin and myself. I kind of like start looking around and manage to find tracks for the tuskgutter, and we follow them in single file through the forest. All of a sudden we come across like a clearing, with bootprints, hoofprints and evidence of a blooded battle. We decide to follow the boots, but the tracks get harder to follow, however my superior skill manages to keep us on track.
After setting up camp, like I’m just settling down when there’s a scream from outside. As I poke my head out from my tent, I notice Maugoth throwing a Tatzlwyrm head into the undergrowth, and he’s like ranting and raving and telling someone not to be a dick. However, there’s like no-one there. We settle back in, and then there’s like another scream, this time from Doc. Appears there’s like a pile of smelly guts in his tent. Maugoth seems to loose it and starts ranting and running around shouting at all and anything that are around. I’m asked to set up some traps to try to capture whatever may be around., but I’m sure there’s nothing out there and it’s all in Maugoths head. Doc suddenly finds a hole in his wineskin and its from a small dart! He throws it to the ground.
Appears there may be someone/thing like playing jokes on us…..
When I rise for 3rd watch I notice some red letters on Maugoths tent – ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’. Seems like someone has it in for Maugoth. He still appears to be shouting in the morning…
I pick up the tracks again in the morning and there’s like a series of blue petals following the tracks. I return to the camp to inform the others and get back just in time to see egg running down Maugoths neck. This doesn’t seem to improve his mood. After following the petals for a while, we suddenly break out into a clearing and what looks like some sort of ruined stone pillars. Behind them is like some sort of Elk temple, 300ft wide, 100ft tall and with like some sort of lake in front. There’s also like some steps up to the cave. It’s like really quiet, eerily so, and there is some blood staines around. The silence is broken when Maugoth, for no apparent reason, suddenly throws a large rock into the lake.
We cautiously move forward whilst readying weapons.The place looks like it was built for animals, as there are many carvings of different ones. Probably a temple to ‘Erastil’, confirmed by Adroolin as the anklers form part of its holy symbol.
We have a general scout around, with Bob uncharacteristically wandering off on his own. We’re suddenly attacked by some Tatzlwyrm and I take a savage hit for 3 wounds. Doc comes to my rescue and dispatches the wyrm on me. Others are attacked all around us, but seem to be holding their own. Adroolin wanders over, and after a quick chant and some glowing light I’m like healed! Must thank him later… Meanwhile a large bear appears and I try to attack, but miss badly. Maugoth and Doc arrive to help me out, and Doc hits a mighty blow, surprisingly causing some damage. The bear roars and attacks us all with a sweeping claw. After a good hit by Ulaf, the bear turns tail and runs away into the cavern.
Doc and Adroolin attempt to heal me…again

The lost temple

Started the day at Oleg’s with beer, bread and cheese. My head was a bit groggy after mixing my drinks the previous evening with some Absi…not sure what the hell that was, but not to my liking, Cheers for the Beer, Hail to the Ale and sod the rest! It was a good way to meet my new companions, a couple half-elves, an orc and another couple humans. In all they seem a good bunch and I have a feeling we can get on well.
Two of the companions with healing skills Doc and Adroolin were up in shifts through the night trying to save a man’s leg from having to be amputated after he had been gored by something.
The man came round in the morning and was able to tell us about how his injury came to pass. He was travelling along with a priest to find some lost temple when they were set upon by a huge wild boar known as Tuskgutter. During the fight the man didn’t know what happened to the priest and seemed to slumped across his horse who found it’s way back to Oleg’s.
Hanging on the inn wall was a couple wanted posters.
Falgrim Sneeg – Corruption of militia
Find temple in the forrest – Jod-Priest
I pointed these wanted posters out to Adroolin letting him know what they were about and to take a look. Could be some work the group and to set us on a new adventure. Would be interesting to see what this temple is all about and to let my Lord know.

We set off the next day provisioned and equipped to scout out the woods where the man was gored by Tuskgutter. It took us three days to get there without any trouble, although we skirted the bandit camps. But all was quiet. After midday when travelling through the woods, we heard a crash through the trees and this boar almost the size of the Orc came at the group. Deftly I managed to dismount and ready for the charge of which Maugoth took the initial brunt. I drew first blood on the creature’s back through thick hide and sinew, it was bloody tough work trying to avoid those huge sword sized tusks. Doc Saw managed to get a blow at the creature from behind with his serrated blade, dispatching the creature. A good feast was to be had by all with roasted boar steak on the menu. We settled in for the night and took turn on watch, during which on my watch the group was attacked by snakes. They were massive 6" long with big gaping mouths who tried to swallow my head whole. Alarm sounded the group again worked together in dispatching these vile things. At least the start of this trip isn’t boring, will have to wait and see what the next few days bring.


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