Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Digging for clues and chasing ugly things

Mikhail suggested we dig into the roots of the dead clawed tree and the group discovered some coin and an ornate dagger with symbols of Erastil the Hunter God. Adroolin says this is connected with The StagLord. Upon searching nearby ground we discover what may be a grave, but we leave it undisturbed.

Moving on Adroolin notices 6 small figures ahead moving west. Maugoth and Kern approach them on foot but they run away, so the group chase them through the dark which then becomes a fight.

Maugoth, unnaturally restrained, grapples one of these ugly creatures and holds him up in the air but is harmlessly attacked by the other 5. One by one he starts bludgeoning them to a pulpy mess as the others join the fray.

Wounds are healed and Kern loots the poor dead ugly things.

1st report, worms and skeleton hands?

After mapping 6 areas , we moved back to Olegs. Here we met Jod, a fellow looking for a temple in the woods. He wants us to find it and then take him to it. Also met a quite fellow (Mikhail) who has been sent to join us. He’s looking for something but we don’t know what. After a few days rest and resupply we moved back to the Spider cave and checked it out, other than a Worm(giant) it was empty. Moving on we made our way over undulating hills and dips. A giant skeleton had stands on a hill. Moving to investigate we are again attacked by a giant worm. It’s now dead and we are about to have a proper look around.

Smash and Grab!

Once again we tried diplomacy. It failed, we did try and talk but the bandits were having none of it. So once again Maugoth smashed. 7 bandits including two leaders fell before my axe. We have taken the leader prisoner (why??) But I must learn from the humans. They take prisoners only to kill them later? Why not kill them there and then, with a weapon in your hand and a chance. Better than at the end of a rope. They are confusing. Nephile has fallen , his sorcery has caught him , even Adrolins healing cannot help him. I will leave his fate to them, such things are beyond me. The bandit leader is our prisoner and I will try and help my fellows with her treatment. It feels odd not to take her scalp and move on. Well now we are back at the trading post it’s time to drink , celebrate eat and sing! With the silver I have left and some of what we now have I will have a breast plate of steel and kite shield from the town. We can explore further and find out more of this stag lord, then try the diplomacy and finally i will take his head too.

It wasn't me

Although deceptive and dishonest in nature he has not been so with his most recent friends, deeply worried about being blamed for stealing the money he keeps quite about its loss.
He will defend himself vigorously if it comes to accusations, he shall not be blamed for something he did not do.

He will most definitely enjoy the company of the soldiers, he certainly does not mind being the butt of jokes in the night, happily playing the fool whilst the meed flows. But in the dark of night he sneaks off to speak to Kressle, perhaps slipping her a cup of ale and a few slices of food. Speaking as thieves, perhaps sharing a few stories, he will attempt to assure her he can have a more merciful hearing carried out for her, but she must tell us everything. Kern will attempt to plant the idea that the powerful men in the nation are going to be claiming all the wild lands, taming them at no cost. Better to be part of that machine than to be crushed by it.

Path of the Adept

We are back at Oleg’s. The news should have been good news. Between us we’ve managed to remove the most serious threat to Oleg and have in fact, brought back whom we consider to be (and now from Oleg’s comments) the leader of the bandit threat.

What troubles me then? Or should I say, what worries me? Neph. Our final encounter with the bandits saw Nephile being more involved than ever before. He very much like myself, would try and understand the situation before proceeding but in this fight he threw caution to the wind and I fear the end result may be the end of him.

We carried Nephile back to Oleg’s as best we could. He remained in his unconcious state. He remains the same the day after.

I have no clue what has happened to him and my prayers have yet to resolve the mystery in anyway. I can only describe that which happened and trust that at a later point I understand this.

During the final encounter I was occupied dealing with a number of bandits on the left flank of the main camp. Nephile provided some magical support and unlike anything he’s previously done, he used magic to kill the bandits. I did not at that time find this unwelcome as it would appear that I need to learn to focus my fighting skills.

After dispatching the group to the left flank, I surveyed the situation. I could hear Maugoth causing his normal havoc, which also told me he was still alive so I looked around before acting. Kern was with me, trying his best to cause mischief when I wish he would take things more seriously.

This is when I saw Nephile move across out of cover over to behind a large fallen tree trunk. He then stood up and pushed his arms out, as if to cast some magical effect. He collapsed, like a sack of grain back behind the fallen tree.

I cast my speed prayer and moved over to his aid as quickly as I could. I find him unconcious but unhurt. There was no obvious reason as to his comatose state. Noticing no immediate danger I then carried out a more detailed inspection which again turned up something extraordinary, an orange ‘fire’ in his eyes in lieu of what I’d expect to see. A fire that I can only atest to being of magical in nature, as if he drained the last of his power to aid us but sadly fell foul of its side effects.

Yet now the same fire still exists. It hasn’t faded in anyway and I fear that this may be permanent. I have said many prayers but as yet, Irori doesn’t give me the answer.

It is time for me to return to the others now. I shall write more, perhaps after we’ve spoken to the prisoner regarding the Stag Leader. It is him I feel that we must now remove from this part of the world.

Moving the Game Forward - The Return to Oleg's and Surprises all round

The group arrive back at Oleg’s in the dusk of late afternoon. Sounds of laughter come from within the trading post and lights have been hung on hooks outside the closed gates. The inviting yellow pools of light beckoning the prospect of a fire and warm meal inside.
The priest Adroolin knocks on the door and it is eventually opened, a young man in a soldiers uniform, steps out in to the lantern light, spear in hand but not readied. Looking over the group with a cautious eye, he smiles at them and asks “who goes there?”.
A quick introduction and confirmation from Oleg and the group are allowed into the compound. As Oleg makes the introductions to Kesten Garess (Sergeant at Arms) of the Restov Militia and his three soldiers, Neal, Felix and Trom, he sees the woman sat on Maugoth’s horse and tries to pull her off the horse with an anger not see by the party before. The only thing stopping him is the strength of the Half-Orcs arms that had Kressle surreptitiously pinned in place.

Oleg screams at the woman “bitch! You’re gonna pay for what you did”. It takes a while for Svetlanna to calm the old man down.

Kressle is locked in the storage cage, she doesn’t seem too bothered by it and slumps down onto the tarpaulin and furs to rest.
The horses are put in the stable, cared for by Billy and the money bags are put in the groups hut. Nephille’s body is placed in his cot and Adroolin checks his vital signs, but nothing has changed. He is in a deep coma, and the only conclusion is that the arcane energies he taps into have caused it. Something Adroolin does not have any experience in.

The fellows sit down around the fire with the soldiers for food and drink. The friendly fellows have been sent by Lord Astrov to assist with the defence of the trading post against the bandits. After the groups encounters have been recounted the soldiers seems relieved that the party have already dealt with the immediate menace.
The group of soldiers are a welcome break from the seriousness of the last few days and they share many stories and jokes into the night. Oleg finally calms down, but states that he will cheerfully wring the woman’s neck after she threatened to chop his hand off and give his wife Svetlanna to her men. He wants to know what the woman has done with Svetlanna’s wedding ring but doesn’t trust himself to approach her at the moment.
Kesten assigns one of his men to keep an eye on her and another to keep watch from the walkway.

The next morning around the sumptuous breakfast, Kesten greets the group and shows them a poster that he was going to put up concerning a reward for dealing with the bandits and/or capture of any members of the outlaws. He then hands them a chest containing 400 SP and informs them that that he will let Lord Astrov know that one of the bandit leaders have been captured.
He then asks the group about their charter and have they got any reports to be sent back to Lord Astrov.

Later that morning Kern finds that the bags with the money are half as light as they should be! After the initial shock he finds that the seams in the bags are frayed and it looks like the coins were falling out on the journey back.


Path of the Adept

To all the readers, I Adroolin have decided to start a journal about my travels.

I wish I had started a few weeks ago, but now is the time to allow all of you to know what I have my travelers have done.

Read on.

My first day among 'umans an stuuf

I in a jale. I smash up bar coz som man ’it me wen i wuz drinkin beer. I get put in jale by lotz of umans oh say i in troub. Now new posh man cum an let me owt to help other umans no get killed an i ave to draw stuuf on paper.

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