Nephile Seeker

Scholar and Investigator, the bastard son of House Nave


Race: Half Elf, Gender: Male, Left Handed
Desc: Tall, lean, with a sickly pallor. Black shoulder length hair, with yellow eyes.

Rank: Novice
Agility D4, Smarts D8, Spirit D8, Strength D4, Vigor D6
Pace 6", Parry 4, Toughness 5, Charisma 0

Edges: Arcane Background, Power Points, Additonal Power
Hinderances: Cautious (Minor), Anemic (Minor), Vengeful(Major)

Skills: Fighting D4, Investigation D6, Knowledge: Arcane D6, Knowledge: Nobility D6, Notice D6, Persuasion D8, Arcane Spellcasting D8

Powers: Confusion, Mind Reading, Detect/ Conceal Arcane, Speak Language
Power Points: 15

Weapons: Cane Sword (Rapier) 2D4, 3 Throwing Knives (3/6/12) 2D4
Armour: Leather Longcoat (torso/ arms/ legs) +1


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House Nave

Wind and Wave

Tracing it’s recorded roots back to Jebidiah Nave of Brevoy four generations past, House Nave is still considered somewhat upstart ‘new blood’ by the established nobility of their home city.

Little is known of Jebidiah before he rose to captain of ‘The Crest Eagle’, a merchant trader renowned for it’s speed and grace that worked The Inner Sea and The Sellen River. Light on defence and small in cargo space, The Eagle was nonetheless a well respected vessel on the waters it travelled, it’s reputation unmatched for safely carrying luxury goods and urgent communications to ports that other captains would not risk, including the chaotic and often dangerous docks of The River Kingdoms. This way what would become House Nave made early connections with young nations such as Gralton and others that have endured less well.

It was only after the existing Captain, one Franc Bush, sought retirement that Nave purchased the ship outright and become an independent operator in his own right. The source of the considerable wealth required to do this remains unknown, despite the speculation of many over the years. Jebidiah was famed for two things, his love of the dice and his inability to hold on to coin. Still though, despite this, the first Captain Nave flourished under his philosophy of running small fast ships with small well trained crews, and grew his initial investment into a small fleet that became known up and down the Sellen for the rare willingness to make the run south through The Stolen Lands and it’s reliable contracted service to the Royal Family of Brevoy.

With time, and the growing influence and interest that only new money, Royal notice , and a carefully selected marriage can bring, Nave was gradually grudgingly accepted into Brevolian society. Finally, he would be awarded with a minor title and the stewardship of the border village of Abilane for services rendered. From here he would further grow his House’s fortune, eventually allowing the construction of Nave Keep to stand sentinel over the river that have been the family’s lifeblood.

Enemy House Turov

Patron Deity: Hanspur

Patriarch: Lord Robert Nave
Matriarch: Lady Jasithe Nave
Heir: Verdun Nave
Extended family;

Nephile Seeker

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