Lord Wilheim Astrov

Middle aged, 6'+ Tall, Bonde Hair, Blonde Moustache, Physically large and strong looking


Breast Plate
Bastard Sword


Lord Astrov is a verteran campainger from the desserts of Garundi. He returned to Restov to finally win his rightful place amongst the Swordlords.
An able military tactician, Astrov has also proven himself politically capable in the ‘hotbed’ of Brevoyan politics.
He is well liked among the other Swordlords and the aristocracy and he has been a staunch supporter of Mayor Sellimus through the years.

Of the 4 groups being sponsored by the Swordlords to explore the Stolen Lands, he has taken on the least problematic and thus the least advantageous area, known as the Greenbelt.

He will issue his charter on 24/3/4710 with the other Swordlords, under much celebration and pomp.

He hopes he has chosen the right candidates

Lord Wilheim Astrov

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