Adroolin Windreader

Half Elf Monk of Irori


My fellow Peers,

So that you understand the place that I Adroolin wish to have within this group, I think it’s wise that I list the future plans that I have for myself.

I am troubled by my lack of knowledge of my parentage and my shame of my mixed race, so I have put a lot of my life into the study of faith and wish to continue so for the foreseeable future.

I find that my place within the group to be that of a fighter, but also of a healer. However my healing abilities have been pushed to their limits recently.

Morgoth is a deadly brute who lets his instincts override the saftey of anyone around him, if it wasn’t for Neph I think I would find it hard to venture with him, for I fear that once he gets the lust, anyone or thing in front of him becomes target, friend or foe.

My future plans are as thus, hone my skills as both a fighter and a person of faith. To do this I may look to become an Adept or perhaps if Irori allows me, to become a Holy Warrior.

My plans must allow me to heal better, and as such I hope that my ability with my Miracles get better, I hope to put more faith into them as well.

If Irori wishes this is the route that I will take.

Take care my new friends, I hope that we can travel together for a good while yet.


Adroolin was born 30 years past. Very few details of his birth are known safe for the fact it appears that his shares parents of both Elven and Human races.

Being born a half-elf he was left with Monks at a secluded Monastery (The Order of the Sacred Hand of Irori) which is located some 10 miles NNW of Kensing at an age the Monks recorded as being only a few days old.

The records state that Adroolin was left by a young elven maiden who delivered him in a small cradle directly to the Monks. The Elf then left Adroolin with a small wooden pipe (which she stated was a gift from his mother) and a sealed letter. The letter was handed to the Monks and they were asked not to give Adroolin the letter until he had ‘come of age’. To this date Adroolin knows of the letter but has not been allowed to see it let alone read it.

Nothing more is then know of the birth of Adroolin, it is something he hopes can be answered by the letter.

The wooden pipe is of Elven design and make and as a small child he loved to hear it played. The Monks then chose the surname of ‘Windreader’ as Adroolin from an early age learned to recognise when his mothers pipe was being played for him.

Life very quickly then became the norm for a child placed within the Monastery. The daily routine of payers, reading, history, exercise and later Martial arts filled the majority of the day. Rotas meant that he would be given additional tasks depending his age, from cooking, cleaning, out hunting for food through to travelling to Kensing to secure materials.

Adroolin has learned the life of the Monk and follows the prayers of Irori very closely and feels his god is part of him. He has though also suffered the abuse of both humans and Elves (when on his visits on Kensing) as he is considered by some humans to be a freak and by some Elves to be corrupt. This has brought sadness to Adroolin who now has learned to use his hood to cover his ears which due to his bald head (shaven, part of the cleansing ritual) he finds most difficult to achieve at times.

During his teenage years he showed a good aptitude with healing but was also discovered to have the ability to use magic. It was decided rather than use traditional methods for healing, he should use magic. This knowledge was kept very private within the Monastery as only a few Monks are capable and magic wielding Monks are not a very common or accepted Monk by society.

Adroolin continued with his studies and was allowed to help within the archives. This time he used wisely to look up local Elven tribes and has hoped to travel into the wilds to help look for those that travel in search of his Mother.

At the age of 30 (still young in Half Elf years) Androolin was considered to have completed his basic training and was given the option of travelling to master his fledgling skills or continue on at the Monastery helping out with the tutoring of the young children who are now within the keep of the Monks.

Adroolin chose the travelling option which allows him to hone is abilitites but also look for signs of his Mother.

He was then given his possessions along with a sum of money equal to his requirements for a year of travelling. Some of this he spent in Kensing buying used but quality equipment and a parting gift of an Elven Bow was handed to him by Grandmaster Oosal Evilbane (A dwarf). The Grandmaster spoke to Adroolin the night before he left and told him to search within himself to find his mother and then without Adroolins knowledge that he knew, told Adroolin he may have the notes he thought he secretly made regarding other Temples/Monasteries and places of Elven settlements.

Adroolin Windreader

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