Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

To Parley, or to not...

Maugoth's new career idea

There Maugoth and I (Adroolin Windreader) stood waiting to be led to the camp of the so called ‘Charter Holder’.

We were both held to wait for too long. Long enough for Maugoth to start to get fidgety for which once, it didn’t end with the use of an axe (but could have been close).

Soon after Lord Zolkin of Turov joined us with two of his Knights. The young Sir Perival and what appeared to be his father, Sir Wykenham.

We asked to see their Charter and showed ours as agreed within the confines of this parley but soon after things got a little heated when Maugoth employed his negotiation skills and proceeded to upset the entire tent. Sir Perival finally stormed from the tent after issuing Maugoth with another duel.

We left after being dismissed, still not having seen the Lord’s Charter.

Later that evening Perival came out with his retinue of servants ready for the Duel. A jousting Duel it appeared. Maugoth was very annoyed by this and started calling the Knight by many un-friendly names who soon agreed to meet Maugoths request of fighting on foot.

A suprise revealed itself then. I had already commented to the others that I felt that the elder Knight didn’t seem too friendly with the Lord. We soon found out that was the truth as Perival spoke with us and told us we needed to ‘discredit’ the Lord and if we could, they’d leave taking their troops with them.

The next morning Maugoth quickly raised the white flag and requested Parley once more. He was ignored. The weather had taken a turn and was drizzling with rain. Undetered by their ignorace Maugoth left the Trading Post and proceeded on foot towards the camp.

It wasn’t long before I was requested to join him, and after doing so, we both entered the tent of the Lord Zolkin. We made it very clear that we had discovered that our Charter gave us full permission (as it was approved by the King) and we now demanded to see the Lords Charter. The Zolkin looked very uncomfortable with this news.

Both Knights had joined us in the tent, but over time both were dismissed. We knew that the Zolkin had a female in his personal tent, and soon after when he left to find the Charter she came out of the tent and quickly injured Maugoth with a throwing dagger. From her attack stance it was very obvious that she was a skilled fighter.

I quickly cast Deflection which this female Assassin noticed. She left the tent screaming about Witchcraft… all hell then broke lose. Zolkin came out repeating Witchcraft stories (I had dropped my spell by this time) and then left the tent trying to rally his men. Perival popped his head into the tent and advised we ran.

Ran we did. I did it with some ease thanks to a prayer I have, but Maugoth didn’t fare as well. He did though come through as I confidentally knew he’d force his way back to the Trading Post (and some of the guards wish they’d not bothered, they’ll be a bit sore now).

Kern had the gates open by the time we arrived and I quickly took to the battlements (for a better word) and shouted towards the Guards that followed, telling them we were attacked by a Witch! A Female Assassin no-less! One of the guards seemed to be taken back by this and headed back to the camp where it appears he shot the Witch with his crossbow. That was when all Hell really didn’t break lose….


Wyse MadBeardMan

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