Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

The lost temple

Started the day at Oleg’s with beer, bread and cheese. My head was a bit groggy after mixing my drinks the previous evening with some Absi…not sure what the hell that was, but not to my liking, Cheers for the Beer, Hail to the Ale and sod the rest! It was a good way to meet my new companions, a couple half-elves, an orc and another couple humans. In all they seem a good bunch and I have a feeling we can get on well.
Two of the companions with healing skills Doc and Adroolin were up in shifts through the night trying to save a man’s leg from having to be amputated after he had been gored by something.
The man came round in the morning and was able to tell us about how his injury came to pass. He was travelling along with a priest to find some lost temple when they were set upon by a huge wild boar known as Tuskgutter. During the fight the man didn’t know what happened to the priest and seemed to slumped across his horse who found it’s way back to Oleg’s.
Hanging on the inn wall was a couple wanted posters.
Falgrim Sneeg – Corruption of militia
Find temple in the forrest – Jod-Priest
I pointed these wanted posters out to Adroolin letting him know what they were about and to take a look. Could be some work the group and to set us on a new adventure. Would be interesting to see what this temple is all about and to let my Lord know.

We set off the next day provisioned and equipped to scout out the woods where the man was gored by Tuskgutter. It took us three days to get there without any trouble, although we skirted the bandit camps. But all was quiet. After midday when travelling through the woods, we heard a crash through the trees and this boar almost the size of the Orc came at the group. Deftly I managed to dismount and ready for the charge of which Maugoth took the initial brunt. I drew first blood on the creature’s back through thick hide and sinew, it was bloody tough work trying to avoid those huge sword sized tusks. Doc Saw managed to get a blow at the creature from behind with his serrated blade, dispatching the creature. A good feast was to be had by all with roasted boar steak on the menu. We settled in for the night and took turn on watch, during which on my watch the group was attacked by snakes. They were massive 6" long with big gaping mouths who tried to swallow my head whole. Alarm sounded the group again worked together in dispatching these vile things. At least the start of this trip isn’t boring, will have to wait and see what the next few days bring.


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