Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Rathmund's Ramblings

At the end of the last battle, Doc like heals Ulaf who is looking a little worse for wear. After some memory searching, I recognise the creatures to be Tatzlwyrm. Luckily they didn’t have time to use their breath weapon! Maugoth seems to me to be quite a strange individual, and he starts chopping up the dead Tatzlwyrm for no apparent reason. For safety, watches are doubled.
In the morning, Maugoth thinks that burning down the whole forest would make finding the Temple a lot easier, but is dissuaded by Adroolin and myself. I kind of like start looking around and manage to find tracks for the tuskgutter, and we follow them in single file through the forest. All of a sudden we come across like a clearing, with bootprints, hoofprints and evidence of a blooded battle. We decide to follow the boots, but the tracks get harder to follow, however my superior skill manages to keep us on track.
After setting up camp, like I’m just settling down when there’s a scream from outside. As I poke my head out from my tent, I notice Maugoth throwing a Tatzlwyrm head into the undergrowth, and he’s like ranting and raving and telling someone not to be a dick. However, there’s like no-one there. We settle back in, and then there’s like another scream, this time from Doc. Appears there’s like a pile of smelly guts in his tent. Maugoth seems to loose it and starts ranting and running around shouting at all and anything that are around. I’m asked to set up some traps to try to capture whatever may be around., but I’m sure there’s nothing out there and it’s all in Maugoths head. Doc suddenly finds a hole in his wineskin and its from a small dart! He throws it to the ground.
Appears there may be someone/thing like playing jokes on us…..
When I rise for 3rd watch I notice some red letters on Maugoths tent – ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’. Seems like someone has it in for Maugoth. He still appears to be shouting in the morning…
I pick up the tracks again in the morning and there’s like a series of blue petals following the tracks. I return to the camp to inform the others and get back just in time to see egg running down Maugoths neck. This doesn’t seem to improve his mood. After following the petals for a while, we suddenly break out into a clearing and what looks like some sort of ruined stone pillars. Behind them is like some sort of Elk temple, 300ft wide, 100ft tall and with like some sort of lake in front. There’s also like some steps up to the cave. It’s like really quiet, eerily so, and there is some blood staines around. The silence is broken when Maugoth, for no apparent reason, suddenly throws a large rock into the lake.
We cautiously move forward whilst readying weapons.The place looks like it was built for animals, as there are many carvings of different ones. Probably a temple to ‘Erastil’, confirmed by Adroolin as the anklers form part of its holy symbol.
We have a general scout around, with Bob uncharacteristically wandering off on his own. We’re suddenly attacked by some Tatzlwyrm and I take a savage hit for 3 wounds. Doc comes to my rescue and dispatches the wyrm on me. Others are attacked all around us, but seem to be holding their own. Adroolin wanders over, and after a quick chant and some glowing light I’m like healed! Must thank him later… Meanwhile a large bear appears and I try to attack, but miss badly. Maugoth and Doc arrive to help me out, and Doc hits a mighty blow, surprisingly causing some damage. The bear roars and attacks us all with a sweeping claw. After a good hit by Ulaf, the bear turns tail and runs away into the cavern.
Doc and Adroolin attempt to heal me…again


Wyse scubabeer

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