Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Not so quiet on the South-Eastern (kind of) front....

We had completed the clearance of the temple. Maugoth decided to go and have a look around whilst I took care of Jod. A simple heal prayer seemed to bring the life back into Jod in which he then started to bring life back into Erastil’s Temple – as the new custodian.

Typical for Maug, he found trouble. Seems 3 more of those large snakes were lurking around and the rest of the group strode forward to deal with them. Sadly this made Maugoth think that ‘burning’ down the Forest was the obvious answer – common sense saw way finally as I persuaded him that it wasn’t such a good idea as we’d seen Erastil’s presence and maybe he might not want the ‘bad’ kind of presence to appear to him.

So we left back for Olegs and Rathmund left (with Maugs help….) signs back to the Temple as we travelled through the woods. It took us 3 days, but it was great to see the fort and then see the smiles of Oleg and the others.

I forgot that something happened….Maugoth had some fun with one of the signs, and the fun was had back. A sore head and sore nether-regions were humourous to more than just our party!

It seems as if a small village has built up outside the walls of the Fort. Upon speaking with Oleg it became apparent that a civil war was brewing amongst the Lords and these people wanted to escape the fighting. That is something I can empathise with.

We also learned that the Stag Lord was stepping up his attacks, and that the prisoner we had sent back to be tried had escaped…. I know that Maugoth looks forward to besting her again.

Plans were then made to take down the Stag Lord. Somehow it seems as if my plans were listened to. I am not a military leader and didn’t realise I could make such plans – but I did. We are to ambush any patrols/raiding parties the Stag Lord releases from his Fortress. This should whittle him down, hopefully that when we make ourselves known to him, he’ll send out another group to kill us. We shall defeat them and so hopefully he’ll be forced to come out and meet us, and we’ll be ready.

I have spoken to Vekken and he’s offered to help me train in the Bow. For that I am greatful and I hope he can teach me how to construct my own bow and arrows.

A trip then to Boken’s hut, see if the old insane man has any liquid or paste that we can put onto our arrow tips in order to make people sleep. At worst, I’d accept a poison as I’m sure the Stag Lord will be a nasty person and his death should make us all safer.

A quick ride out to Bokken’s was all we needed, that wasn’t so simple. We noticed that his small cottage was on fire and I spotted him being marched off in the distance.

Again another of my plans – we cut them off, well Rathmund and I and started to attack the 4 riders. My bow skill wasn’t so good, I think the riding (which was very good) has upset the balance that I require.

A quick spell and then the 4 riders started to die around me. Seems Ulfar has a perfect aim, seems as if the balance of life has bestowed that upon him in exchange for my ride skill.

That matters not, my prayers were answered and we’ve dispatched 4 of the Stag Lords forces and saved Bokken. I hope he understands what we’re up against, as I’d be interested to know why the Stag Lord wants him. Let’s hope he can make us our sleeping salva’s or worse, poisons….


Wyse MadBeardMan

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