Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Hands, Spiders and rare fruit

After making camp to watch what we presumed was the location of the Stag Lord we didn’t have long to wait.

Upon the next day Maugoth and I left our camp and took position on a nearby ridge watching the outpost.

Soon after a group of 5 riders left. All mounted on horse and wearing dark clothing. Their size suggested humans and from their shapes we presumed aimed with bows.

They didn’t come any closer than around a mile from our position so they weren’t aware of us. We continued to watch them travel off in an Easterly direction at a walking speed.

Later this day we decided that Kern should use his skills of sabotage and subterfuge to gather more information on the outpost. He checked his equipment and we watched him travel off, and soon out of our sights.

Not long after we all heard the cries from Kern and he soon made his way back to us telling us tales of hands and arms coming out of the earthworks around the outpost. He also informed us that he thinks he was spotted so it was time to break camp. A decision to head back to the Bandit Camp within the woods was made.

The travel was at a good pace and without incident until I spotted a bush that contained very rare fruit used in healing. A word with Mikhail and we stopped as a group to investigate.

It didn’t take Maugoth long to get bored of waiting and he crashed into the undergrowth and found out that it was being guarded, guarded by tiny spiders but many thousands of them. Maugoth came running out shouting ‘Get them offs me!’ at which point I suggested he jump into a large puddle of water to try and remove them. He did and it worked. Maugoth was not very keen when Kern threw to him what appeared to be a bar of cleansing soap. It quickly made its way back to Kern.

So the decision is to be made, do we try and get hold of some of this precious fruit…


Wyse MadBeardMan

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