Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Bath time 2

We force marched back to Olegs. Upon arrival Maugoth managed to frighten a number of merchants outside of the trading post. Adrolin calmed them down. Upon entering the camp we washed up and ate. Maugoth realised one of the men in the trading post was involved in a ambush that happened earlier in the month. He was about to drown him in his bath water when some blind bint came out and started telling him off. ( Adrolin also calmed Maugoth down. ) Feeling a bit miffed at no killing he told the woman he would do something unnatural to her, so she put him to sleep using witchcraft. She then rambled on to Kern about some great evil hiding under the land near the fort of the bandits that would kill everyone in the world. Kern was basically cheeky so she got the hump and left. She also kept going on a bout there being 4 of us, although it was not the right four. Maugoth had a fab sleep woke up feeling fine. The rest of the party was tired and ached. Mikheil spent some time being broody , kern got some armour, Maugoth got a BIg sheild and sulked a bit because he didnt have his breast plate yet. Adrolin prayed washed and cleaned his kit. ( written from Maugoths Point of view not mine ) :P


That blind woman, Lisia self proclaimed oracle, was an odd ball, full of riddles. Telling us she came to warn us of the dangers but only after we discovered them for ourselves. Then I told her about battling giant spiders and centipedes and she was surprised to hear of those, so it seems she doesn’t actually know much. Kern is suspicious of her, but appreciates her talent in shutting Maugoth up when he’s not listening to us. If Oleg trusts someone enough to let them take rest in his home, we must respect that.

Bath time 2
Wyse Maugoth

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