Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

Bath time!

The group traveled North along the river in an attempt to get to the old bandit camp. The river blocked our path and no fording place was found. With food running low we decided to head back to the ford. Along the route we came across a old bridge spanning the river. Maugoth made his way across with a few creaks. Our attempt to cross with the horses failed, with Maugoth falling through into the river. A snake like creature attempted to attack Maugoth in the river , but was distracted by Kern and shot by Adrolin ( while Mikhail was catching Maugoths runaway horse).

We made it to the ford at dusk . While cooking our evening meal a Giant ( bigger than a horse) centipede ridden by a small blue creature blundered into the camp. Adroolins arrows bounced off the creature as did Maugoths axe and Mikhails sword. Kern managed to jump on its back and kill the blue creature. He also grabbed the reigns and caused it to flee. Not before it killed Maugoths Horse.


Wyse Wyse

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