Bretton Barbarians: Savaged Kingmaker

An Arrow in Time?

We spoke at Oleg’s deciding what to do next.

It too longer than I expected as there were many opinions. After these discussions it was decided that we’d re-enter the forest and try and locate the ‘temple’, after all it would appear that there’s more to this temple than just religious bric-a-brac. I myself am hoping it’s a great find that will benefit not just us but this region.

Maugoth took to organising the route we would take. He very simply (but accurately I should add) numbered regions of the lands and forest to the west and we followed that.

We hadn’t been travelling for too long before we passed into the first region. A summary pass through was planned, however when we camped for some lunch I asked Kern and Mikhail to explore the locale around our camp for signs of passing wildlife, caravans and their ilk.

What Kern found was a little disturbing as he discovered signs of creatures that used their hind legs heavier but ran on all four. He then joked of ‘werewolves’ which I believe is something written in folklore but he was adamant.

We moved on and as night feel we decided to move into the edge of the forest. At this time we lit a small campfire and proceeded to settle down for the night.

What came next was eventful.

During the night our camp was attacked by six of the creatures that Kern located tracks of previously. It was one of the times where I was glad that Maugoth was one of our group. For with his help we quickly killed off these creatures. It was hard to sleep after that but I managed a few hours of quiet prayer.

The next day we moved off in search of the temple. Our day moved along peacefully with no signs of being following by any of those creatures and lunchtime quickly came upon us. We decided that we’d have a fire for lunch (and thus hot food). I was left cooking the food and Kern and Mikhail proceeded to scout around the camp looking for other signs.

The next thing I heard was Kern screaming as if impaled by one of those creatures. I quickly made safe the stew and drew my bow.

Maugoth soon returned with the others. Kern had been heavily wounded by a bear-trap and Mikhail seemed to make matters worse healing him. I called upon Irori with a healing prayer and healed him of his wounds leaving only a scar to remind him.

We finished our lunch and then as I was packing away the others found and retrieved three of the bear-traps for our own use.

At camp that night we placed the bear-traps around the camp. No fire was lit so we ate cold but went to sleep with everything quiet until… five bear-traps seemed to go off, yes five of them, but how could that be? We only planted three? And why was my bow all wet?


Wyse MadBeardMan

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